Conor Ashe

Conor started playing piano at the age of 9, Conor was introduced to the instrument through the pages of a book. He really wanted to learn the guitar, but at first joined the middle school orchestra where he learned how to play the upright bass. Playing bass made for a comfortable transition into the guitar. Conor's teacher taught him everything he was interested in learning and bestowed upon him the most valuable skill he has today, the ability to listen.

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Ryan Ashe

Ryan was 11 when he picked up his first guitar. He had no idea how to play it. 12 years and 2 guitars later he now has grasped the instrument. He's intrigued by rhythm and complex beat patterns. Ryan is inspired by Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, The Who, and The band. He hopes to help carry on Jerry Garcia's legacy through time  for future generations.

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